Becoming the Greater Good

Whelp, time to dig into some 40k goodness. I mentioned it in the podcast, but man, do I love mecha. All throughout my life my favorite shows, movies, and games have had some sort of mecha and/or awesome robots. My first two loves were Gundam and Mechwarrior. Something about watching two massive robots duke it out, has always gotten the blood pumping. So this trek into 40k was a perfect opportunity to throw two of my loves together. [...]

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My Journey Into Warhammer 40k, Again

My Journey Into Warhammer 40k, Again: A History 1992, Atlanta: A ten-or-eleven-year-old Zack is riding in the back seat of his father's Mustang on the way to Space Camp. Clutched in his hands is an issue of Inquest Magazine, the fresh plastic wrapper discarded into the floorboard, the obligatory promo card for a CCG that would never make it a year tossed aside. The pages fly by: updates on a possible Wildstorm CCG, how the upcoming Ice [...]

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The Tyranid Cometh

The Tyranid Cometh Yep, we’re really doing this! The War for Celestos is on and I’ll be taking this pack of battle-ready mutant-space bugs all the across the galaxy in the hopes of devouring everything in my path. But first I actually have to an army together, and build it, and paint it, and then learn how to actually play. Yep it’s going to be a lot and I’m documenting the process in a time-honored online [...]

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