Whelp, time to dig into some 40k goodness. I mentioned it in the podcast, but man, do I love mecha.

All throughout my life my favorite shows, movies, and games have had some sort of mecha and/or awesome robots. My first two loves were Gundam and Mechwarrior. Something about watching two massive robots duke it out, has always gotten the blood pumping. So this trek into 40k was a perfect opportunity to throw two of my loves together.

Unlike my two friends, I have NEVER played 40k. I have no idea what I am getting into. I have listened to 40k lore videos on youtube and whatnot in the past, but now I have a reason to actually dive into the extremely rich lore and gameplay of the setting.

So far I’ve bought the basics. The Tau codex, datacards, 9th edition core rules, and a Start collecting box. Also decided to treat myself and bought a broadside because, well, have you seen that sweet heavy rail rifle? It looks sick. All my models are built; 10 fire warriors, an ethereal, 4 shield drones, 4 marker drones, 3 crisis suits (Went twin burst cannons with a missile pod mostly because of the rule of cool and I have no idea what is best), and the broadside with the heavy rail rifle and missile pods. I’m sure they aren’t the best loadouts and many people are gonna scream that I didn’t magnetize. But, honestly, I don’t even know how this game is going to work yet. No need to try and net-list anything yet.

Next step is to figure out a color scheme (thinking about white and purple) and get to painting so we can get to the table and start figuring this game out.

Next week: Maybe a test model? Maybe a rant about how small these fire warriors are compared to the larger models I’m used to? An existential crisis that I should have put THREE burst cannons on my crisis suits for more dakka? Who knows! Find out next time on the next episode of “I just wanna put my Gunpla on the table.”