Have you ever wanted to go fast? Have you laid awake at night, wishing you could preform the feats of Usain Bolt and Sonic? Well fret no more friends, I have a Khorne list for you!

We are going to throw a bunch of synergies together, and reap skulls for the throne faster than Khorne can get mad you are taking too long. So buckle up and get ready, because we are gonna need a lot of Bloodreavers.

Slaughterhost and Battalions:

For Slaughterhost, we will be going with The Goretide. Your army will be a wave of gore and murder, so it is only fitting. First off, you will re-roll wound rolls of 1 for units wholly within 12 inches of an objective. Spicy. The artifact and trait give some selfish bonuses for our general to help them survive and kill more stuff. The big thing for this Slaughterhost is the command ability, Ever Onwards. With this ability, it will allow you to pick 1 Firendly Goretide bloodreaver or Blood Warrior (You have 3 blocks of 40 reavers, so lets pick them), and that unit automatically gets a 6 on it’s run “roll”, as well as being able to run and charge in the same turn. This thing is nutty, we will go over some of the other synergies later on, but just know, you can a blob of 40 reavers move at least 19+2d6 inches on your first turn. If your opponent isn’t aware of your plan, you will have a lot of threat on the first turn.

For battalions, we will take Gore Pilgrims and Blood Feast. Now Gore Pilgrims is not as amazing as it was in the previous edition of khorne, but it is still pretty good. More range on your secrator is always fun. Blood Feast gives all reavers within the Slaughterpriest (for this battalion) 1 extra attack. Coupled with the Reaver’s baked in ablity, if they are near the priest AND the secrator (both by being a totem AND the secrators ability), they will get 4 attacks each. For the most part, however, I mostly picked these for reduced drop count and extra artefacts.

The Bois

The star of this list is something I thought I would never be a star in a Khorne list, The Bloodreaver.¬†For the most part, I have always taken these guys as cheap (70pts for 10) battleline and Blood Tithe fodder. Now, however, they will get to take center stage. Firstly I take them with all with Meatripper axes. This weapon gives you a nice -1 rend. I am not taking the reaver blades since we will get re-rolling 1’s from another source. In each 40 block, you can have 4 banners and hornblowers. Both are pretty good, with the horn blower being madetory for this list, as it adds 1 to run and charges rolls. That alone adds 2 inches of movement to the pack you give all the goodies too. Be ready to watch a bunch of these dudes dies. They are wet paper bags that already have rips in them. A stiff breeze will kill these guys. Good thing we have 130 of them.

The Other Dudes

Bloodsecrator- If you know the Khorne army, you know this dude. Basically every list auto includes him, and he only comes in a start collecting box. Fun. Everything wholly within 16 inches gets an extra attack on it’s weapons. That range increases to 24 inches if the secrator is within 8 inches of a Gore Pilgrim slaughterpriest. His stat lines are not bad either, but for the most part, you are hoping this guy stays out of combat. With the Banner of Rage artefact we gave ours, anything within 12 inches also re-rolls hit rolls of 1.

Bloodstoker- This guy is gonna whip all your Bloodreavers into shape, literally. His ability allows him to pick one unit within 8 inches. That unit adds 3 to both it’s run AND charge rolls! To make it even more silly, that unit can also re-roll all wound rolls. Very key unit to our strategy.

Mighty Lord of Khorne– Good grief, this lad if one heck of a beat stick. His axe has 3 attacks, hits and wounds on a 3+, has -1 rend, and deals d3+1 damage thanks to the Goretide command trait. Also, thanks to the Thornbreaker artefact from Goretide, he will have a 3+ save no matter what, great for keeping him on the table. What really catches the eye, is the Reality Splitting Axe ability. If you wound something with his axe, you roll a d6, on a 5+ the model is SLAIN. This can be potentially game changing. Hit Nagash once? If you get lucky and roll a 5+, he is just gone. Granted you gotta be pretty lucky for this to work. His command ablity is why we are taking him though. For one measly command point, you can pick three mortal khorne units within 24 inches, those unit will roll 3 dice for charges, picking the highest 2. This vastly improves your chances at getting a high charge roll for your reavers. Coupled with the Goretide ability, 2 cp gets you a lot of zoom zoom. And as icing on the cake, he can also attempt to unbind spells as if he was a wizard.

Slaughterpriests– Okay, we got 3 of these guys. These guys are not really meant for combat, their stat lines just arn’t good enough for that. Have you heard the good word Blood Boil, though? On a 4+ (re-rolling if it is within 8 inches of a Skull Alter, assuming you have one)you can pick something within 16 inches and it just takes d6 mortal wounds. Best part? It is not a spell, your opponent cannot do a dang thing to stop this outside of just killing the priest. Good thing we have 3. For Optional prayers we are going to take; Bronzed Flesh (+1 to save), Killing Frenzy (+1 to hit) and Blood sacrafice. Pretty basic choices here. Make your reavers harder to kill and more painful. Use blood sacrafice on your unit of 10 reavers, or any unit not in combat, to pool up for Blood Tithe points to get some crazy abilities, or shore up your board with some summoning.

Blood Warriors- Look, we took these guys to fulfill a battalion requirement. You could drop down to 5, and add 10 more reavers to your pack of 10, you take a seperate pack of ten reavers. Up to you. Warriors are still pretty nice to have either way. Weapon options are pretty optional to what you prefer, I like the duel axes for re-rolling. The fun part, when these guys are slain, they can pile in and attack before being removed from the table.

Going Fast

So first off, do yourself a favor, and make each unit of reavers have something distinct to set them apart from each other. Your deployment is gonna be one big clusterfuck of dudes. The main thing you should focus on is making sure you have one unit of 40 in a good spot to run straight forward without anthing getting in the way and having a good path to get in the enemies face. Next, position your priest, Mighty Lord, secrator, and stoker in a good spot to give out all the buffs to this unit. The other reavers, should be used to give “Lookout Sir” to all your heros. If the opponent does not have any meaningful shooting that would be much of a threat, position them to contest objectives. We don’t care much about the warriors, use them to hold an objective in your territory, or try to sneak them in to snipe a hero. Once you whiplash your first 40-man blob into the enemy, Move up the rest of your force, trying to keep things in your secrator bubble and buffed up. Challenge objectives, and mostly hope you can stall long enough to render the opponent unable to catch-up in objective points. Like I said earlier, these reavers will die to the gentlest of breezes. So don’t get discouraged if they start dying left and right. All-in-all, this list is tons of fun, and can catch your opponent off-guard.