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If there’s one thing the internet needed more of, it’s a bunch of nerdy dudes sitting around talking about Age of Sigmar. So here we are!

This podcast (like the site) is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or even acknowledged by Games Workshop.

Episode 54 – Gitz and Giggles

From the dankest corners of the Mortal Realms come Zack and Josh, here to talk about the new(ish) Gloomspite Gitz battletome! From stabbas to spiders, they’ll cover it all, try to predict what is going to be the big winners, and maybe even throw in a crude joke about bouncing squigs…if you’re lucky! […]

Episode 53 – You Down With GHB?

Thats right, the new General’s Handbook is here! For at least a few months anyway. Josh and Zack read through the book, talk about the new changes it brings to the game, and designing a season that nearly entirely excludes a supported faction. Shelve those Garments and paint up some 6 would heroes, it’s Champion time again in Age of Sigmar! […]

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