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If there’s one thing the internet needed more of, it’s a bunch of nerdy dudes sitting around talking about Age of Sigmar. So here we are!

This podcast (like the site) is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or even acknowledged by Games Workshop.

Episode 63- Best Model Extravaganza

The new Battlescroll just dropped, and Zack, Josh and Dovah are here to try and make sense of it all. RIP Sloppity, right? After that, the gang plays a game we ripped off directly from Garagehammer (go listen to them already!) Can Josh guess which model per faction is the ‘best’? Can he even pronounce half of them? Did Zack just pick whatever model had the most vomit on it (mostly yes)? Stead thyself for a very silly filler show! […]

Episode 62 – The Lon Ghunt

Dawnbringers: The Long Hunt is an epic story of war, conquest, dedication, and faith. This podcast is hosted by two dorks who like talking about toys. It’s a match made in Azyr! Join Zack and Josh as they dive into a celebrity-packed part 3 of the Dawnbringers book series. Blow the dust off that Khorne V Stormiest starter set, it’s AoS 1.0 time again baby! […]

Episode 60 – Charity Tournament Monster Smash

On 9/16/23, dozens of Warhammer nerds emerged from their cave and hovels in support of one of the most loved and respected members of our community, Eric Urbas. A man of dignified class himself, Eric prefers the biggest, most smashing-it monsters, and the teams brought them out in spades! Zack and Josh talk about their tournament experience, the very silly lists everyone brought, and the new Ironjawz supplement, all in one delicious episode. […]

Episode 59 – Harbringing the Dawn

The dawn is here, and these two dummies are harbringing it! Josh and Zack are all about the new lore-ish narrative-kinda book, Dawnbringers Book One:Harbingers. Or is it Harbingers: Dawnbringers: The Bringining? Who knows, but it has some rules, some story, and the sneakiest warscroll pouch we’ve ever seen. […]

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