Becoming the Greater Good

Whelp, time to dig into some 40k goodness. I mentioned it in the podcast, but man, do I love mecha. All throughout my life my favorite shows, movies, and games have had some sort of mecha and/or awesome robots. My first two loves were Gundam and Mechwarrior. Something about watching two massive robots duke it out, has always gotten the blood pumping. So this trek into 40k was a perfect opportunity to throw two of my loves together. [...]

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List of the Week – Doing Cardio For Khorne

Have you ever wanted to go fast? Have you laid awake at night, wishing you could preform the feats of Usain Bolt and Sonic? Well fret no more friends, I have a Khorne list for you! […]

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List of the Week – Bigger Really is Better

For this week, we are going to take a look at one of the more recently updated factions: Ogor Mawtribes. With a specific focus on the Beastclaw raiders tribe. If you are wanting a list that will both strike awe and thin out your friends list, then this is for you. […]

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