Even More Stimulated – The Lists!

These lists are from Episode 24: Even More Stimulated. If you haven't listened already, go here to do so!  Biden Bucks List Building Rules:   2k list that meets matched play standards (3 battle line, under 6 heroes, etc) The list must work in some capacity (aka no being cheesy and bringing one necromancer and 300 zombies) Must spend as close to $1400 as possible without going over Must use almost everything in the box, IE [...]

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Broken Realms: Kraeth’s Shadowhost

Broken Realms: Kraeth's Shadowhost The sorceress Drusa Kraeth was a power behind the scenes in Anvilgard for years before it fell to Morathi, and her machinations were key in allowing the Shadow Queen a strong foothold. Now, she marches to war alongside her murderous Shadowhost, striking out to eliminate the remaining rebels of Anvilgard. Kraeth's Shadowhost Of the four box sets released for Broken Realms, the Kraeth's Shadowhost is probably tied for 'most underwhelming'. Black Dragons [...]

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Waaagh, etc – The Lists!

These lists are from Episode 23: Waaagh, etc. If you haven't listened already, go here to do so!  IRONJAWZ Drawn to the Waagh The trick here is to keep a level of board coverage with the Ardboys and don’t worry about losing them, if all goes well they’ll be returning to the battlefield in short order. Save those command points to do so and let the bulk of your damage come from [...]

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Broken Realms: Ven Brecht’s Black Watch

Broken Realms: Ven Brecht's Black Watch One of the biggest updates to a faction in Broken Realms was the ability for Stormcast Eternal players to declare they will play as a Stormkeep army. While doing so gave a much needed boost to Liberators and allowed Cities of Sigmat units to be included in a SCE army, it unfortunately took away their signature ability of being able to teleport in from the sky. However, starting with the [...]

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The Ten Most Horrifying Models in Age of Sigmar!

Happy Halloween! Dressing up in a scary costume probably doesn’t seem as fun when your daily life is full of ghouls, ghasts, and maniacs wearing their own face as a belt. So to celebrate the horror of the Mortal Realms, here are our picks for the ten most horrifying Age of Sigmar models! There’s absolutely no real metric behind any of these picks. And no, they aren’t all Nighthaunt. […]

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List of the Week – Fast Food

Ogor Mawtribes –  Fast Food It’s like a cooking show where the judges just eat the competitors, and then the camera crew. […]

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Battle Report – Kharadron Overlords VS Maggotkin of Nurgle!

THE LISTS ZACK Seeing as this was going to be the first game for either of us since March (thanks, global pandemic) Josh and I decided to first play a more casual match. It turned out to be our only game, as we were both a lot more rusty than we expected. Thankfully, I went with Nurgle as my faction, hoping that the fact that I’ve played it for years would at least give me the edge [...]

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List of the Week – LOUD NOISES


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