Biden Bucks List Building Rules:

  •   2k list that meets matched play standards (3 battle line, under 6 heroes, etc)
  • The list must work in some capacity (aka no being cheesy and bringing one necromancer and 300 zombies)
  • Must spend as close to $1400 as possible without going over
  • Must use almost everything in the box, IE no buying a Battleforce Mega Box for one hero.








Too Many Splitterz

The trick with this list is pretty simple; you’re going to want to be in the way, all of the time. Kunnin Rukk can be used to do some surprise sneaky damage in the hero phase if you set up for it correctly, but otherwise, you’re just looking to take and hold objectives with sheer numbers and wounds. Screen out your archers with a big line of Savage Orruks, and with decent magic rolls, your Boarboys will be able to cross the board on your first turn and slam into anything left unguarded.