Slow and Steady

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Slow and Steady

Thankfully this is not a race. I know the saying is “slow and steady wins the race” but man I feel horribly behind.

Where I am right now?

Well the entirety of the start collecting box is put together, so I’ve got that going for me. I’ve picked out the paint scheme I want to go with which will be mostly black with red at the tips, and I’m thinking a brighter green or blue in the crevices where like muscle is exposed (contrast all the way baby!). Still working my way through the rules and slowly starting to put the pieces together between core book and Tyranid codex. I feel like this process will go smoother when I can get some test games in. I’m going to need more models though.

What’s next?

Well more models mostly. We did a power level comparison on our text thread the other day and I’m a little far back, which is fine because there are certainly some models that were not in the start collecting box that I want for this army. The real question is where to go next. I should probably get more Genestealers since that seems like a nice base of models to have, but what I really want is Termagants. Something seems right about have this horde of tiny bugs just littering the battlefield – like an infestation! There’s a part of me that genuinely kind of wants to buy like 4-6 boxes of Termagants, have the big general and just send them forth. Like a hilarious army of babies!

I’ll probably land on having a mix of stuff so I can get a feel for all the different parts of the army, but don’t be surprised if one day there’s an absurd amount of these things that I field in the not too distant future.

Anything else?

Check out the other blog posts! There’s some cool stuff both Zack and David are talking about, including an entire written history that’s timestamped. Also, listen to the podcast where we’ll be sure to gush about even more of these bits of plastic.

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