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I have not made the kind of progress I wanted to.

Where am I right now?

Not very far. After some test paints and mucking about I finally put paint to model and got a Genestealer painted. And I was feeling pretty good ready to make some headway and get the whole squad of them done, but then the green I had chosen didn’t end up showing the way I was hoping it would.

It shouldn’t have prevented me from doing the rest of them, but it kind of killed my momentum as I’ve now spent more time trying to sort out if I still want to do the green in the fleshy bits where the skin pulls back or go a different direction. I’m leaning to choosing something brighter to provide more of a contrast but haven’t landed on anything yet.

What’s Next?

More testing, more painting, more decision-making. One of my biggest challenges in the painting aspect of this hobby is getting over the initial hump of starting. Once I start, I can go for a couple hours, but I have a hard time focusing myself long enough to settle down and do the painting.

I probably need to set aside time each week that is properly dedicated to the painting aspect of the hobby. I’m always motivated to build, rarely motivated to paint. It’s a slog to say the least. I’m also batting around ideas for the bases and what I want to put on there. My initial thinking is to do gemstones (not real ones of course) to help brighten up the models as the paint job, even with the lighter color I’m looking to add, is going to be very dark.

More next week! And while you’re here be sure to check out the other content on the website including loads of AoS stuff.

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