The Tyranid Cometh

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The Tyranid Cometh

Yep, we’re really doing this! The War for Celestos is on and I’ll be taking this pack of battle-ready mutant-space bugs all the across the galaxy in the hopes of devouring everything in my path. But first I actually have to an army together, and build it, and paint it, and then learn how to actually play. Yep it’s going to be a lot and I’m documenting the process in a time-honored online tradition …

It’s a blog everyone!

Where am I at right now?

Well I have the fancy 9th Edition 40K Core Rulebook and the Tyranids Codex, both of which I’m reading through and trying to make distinctions in my brain about what’s different and what’s the same between this and Age of Sigmar. I’m finding it challenging to say the least. There’s enough of the rules that are the same or are at least close enough to where it feels like something I already know, but also has a litany of other bits that make it entirely foreign. Plus, there’s apparently some old 40K rules that are still rattling around inside my head from when I last played 40K back in 2002 (ya know, pre-YouTube) so we’re doing great keeping all this straight. On the flip side I have my first start collecting box of Tyranids and have started throwing some of those models together which looks and feels great.

I’ve drawn blood twice, so if these bugs are as deadly on the battlefield as they are to my fingertips then we’ll be in business.

Why Tyranids?

I played two armies in 40K way back when: Tyranids and Dark Eldar. One of those armies still exists in a form that is familiar and if I was jumping back in I wanted to do one of those armies the justice they didn’t receive from me way back when. Also, the things that attracted me to the Tyranids then are still true now. Aliens, Starship Troopers, Marvel Comics all have space bug type creatures in them and I love it! They are the terrifying “other” of space. There’s really no rhyme or reason for their progress, they just are. It’s also what I like best about some of the horror films. A good villain with a purpose is nice, but the truly scary stuff is when it happens just because.

What’s next?

Well the blog for starters, this will be a weekly thing for the foreseeable future. I’ll be tracking my progress as will the others in this War for Celestos, and eventually we’ll even get to play a couple games! But until then I’m excited to share just how this venture into Warhammer 40K is going. And if you’ve read this far share your own experiences with us! Whether your new, an experienced player starting up a new army or just finally getting around to working on some models that have been sitting on the shelf; we’d love to hear from you all about your own progress.

Until next week!

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