So remember last time, when I said don’t sweat those details that no one is ever going to see?

I ignored that on my Spooders…

Mistakes were made.

The Aracknarock Spider, who I’m calling Charolette till I come up with a better name, is where I decided to start this lunacy.  With all standard fair applied to the assembly, I primed the big girl in Vallejo black with my airbrush.

Knowing that I would never get to the details on the base under her rear legs once it was glued into position, I decided to tackle this first.

Short cuts are awesome when you get to use them and some Contrast paints will help to move this along. This means that I need a light undercoat for the Contrast to go over. Two light coats of Greyseer later, we were in business.

A liberal application of Wyldwood to the tree got the dark wood look I was going for. If you don’t like the wood as dark, cut the Wyldwood with Contrast Medium 50/50. It will still be fairly dark but you’ll get some lighter browns in the high areas. I added Ushabti bone to the skulls piled up along the base of branches. Since I’m going to base this like the inside of a cave eventually, I hit the skulls with Agrax Earthshae to give them a dirtier look. While everything else was drying, I hit the trapped grots (aka snacks) with Death Guard Green to base the skin. Beil- Tan Green shaded the skin and Nurgling Green along the upper parts provided the highlights on these living snack packs.

Everything was going swimmingly but this is where I went off the rails. Forgetting that a large spider would be standing astride of this part of the model, I painted the eyes of grots with Averland Sunset. I little dab of Seraphim Sepia darkened around the eyes and tinted the yellow. A tap of Averland Sunset in the middle of the eyes brought some depth to the eyes. At this point, I lost perspective of what I was painting and started hitting details that no sane person would ever notice.

I decided that I would be using Green Stuff World’s Colorshift paints to base the majority of my spooders, so I painted a few of them black. I also painted one in Averland Sunset because I wanted a yellow spooder…..  I mean, who doesn’t want a yellow spooder.

The spooders got a base coat of Celestial Azure and Cobalt Blue. Then each got a wash of Druchi Violet to bring out some details. The yellow spooder got a  wash of Reikland Fleshshade to darken him up.

At this point, I realized I had forgotten a spooder. He got hit with Screamer Pink as a base then washed with Carroburg Crimson. While I waited for the spooders to dry, I hit the mushroom caps with a blue (I don’t remember which) and Screamer Pink because, as I said earlier, I was just lost in the details now.

A light wash of Agrax Earthshade to the stems of the mushrooms and all the spider webs on the base got added as I still waited for the colorshifts to dry. Then Pallid Witch flesh was used to line the web strands and to highlight the mushroom caps.

The spooders got touches of their base colors to bring out some highlights and a little White Ink was applied to the center strands of each web.

So seeing this base overall, I was really pleased with the way it turned out. Then, a thought hit me.

How much of this is going to get seen?

I gave Charolette an airbrush base coat of Cobalt Blue. I placed her back on the base with her hind legs notching into their places.




Check in next time to see how far into the weeds I go on Charolette.

Till then, go paint something.