2019 is almost done.

It’s been a rough one.


Luckily, one of the standout things for me this year was finding Age of Sigmar. Around this time last year, I had played a few games of Shadesapire: Underworlds. I had grabbed a couple of the warbands and wondered why Fyreslayers didn’t like clothes. At the end of December/ the beginning of January, I heard Kai Hull was starting a beginner’s league for Age of Sigmar. With Gloomspite Gitz hyping up its January release, the league started as Da Bad Rises.

Being new, I didn’t know what faction I wanted. They looked interesting, some more than others. I started reading some of the lore and watching videos on YouTube. The last big box to come out at that point was Soul Wars. The Nighthaunts grabbed my attention and I thought I might start there. Then, I read Soul Wars by Josh Reynolds. I couldn’t get this thought of what Nagash would do to the Stormcast if he could get his hands on their souls. I started grabbing Stormcast and cutting off their heads. A box of GW skulls and I had the death army look that I wanted and good set of rules in the Stormcast to learn the game with.

Learning this game has been a great time.  Assembling and painting the different armies has been an adventure. I’ve gotten to work on Stormcast, Sylvaneth, Nurgle, and Slaanesh this year. Each has taught me so much.  I couldn’t have chosen a better group to play this game with.

But now…

If you didn’t know, the folks at Giga-Bites are at it again. Starting  January 12th, The Great Reawakening league gives everybody a chance to jump in and start playing Age of Sigmar or just switch up that army you’ve been playing.

The league will start off you using a Start Collecting box from a faction that will be picked at random. (You can choose the start collecting box for a $5 donation to the Children’s Hospital Network but why would you want to do that?) Each week you’ll be able to add to your list of available units and the league will slowly grow up to 1250 point armies. It’s a great opportunity to try out the game if you’ve been looking at it and chance to try something different if you’ve already been playing it.

So, from here out for a while, I plan on blogging the building of the army fate and this website’s random start collecting box generator have dealt me. I’ll be posting some of the other AOS things that work their way across my paint desk, but this army will be the main focus till March.

May God have mercy on my soul…..


Till next week, go paint something.