Episode 54 – Gitz and Giggles

From the dankest corners of the Mortal Realms come Zack and Josh, here to talk about the new(ish) Gloomspite Gitz battletome! From stabbas to spiders, they’ll cover it all, try to predict what is going to be the big winners, and maybe even throw in a crude joke about bouncing squigs…if you’re lucky! […]

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Episode 53 – You Down With GHB?

Thats right, the new General’s Handbook is here! For at least a few months anyway. Josh and Zack read through the book, talk about the new changes it brings to the game, and designing a season that nearly entirely excludes a supported faction. Shelve those Garments and paint up some 6 would heroes, it’s Champion time again in Age of Sigmar! […]

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Episode 50 – We’re Fifty!

Fifty years of Age of Sigmar! It’s amazing this podcast has lasted that long, right? Join the usual gang as they talk about why they’ve stayed in this hobby, explaining it to your mom, and M’Gargants. What do you mean, fifty episodes? […]

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Episode 47 – Giga-Con Wrap Up

The team technically attended a tournament! If you know anything about these dummies (and their new special guest Courtney) then you know they’ll hold down that last place spot! Thrill and wonder at their tales of being basically slaughtered by every other team there! Check out the final scores and placings here. […]

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Episode 46 – Contrast Paint Taste Test

New paints are on the way! Also a new General’s Handbook! And new models! The gang is back together on this one to talk about all the releases ol’ Gee Dubs has coming down the pipe, look a the new, infantry-focused rules, and also make 13% more poop jokes than normal. This one’s a classic! […]

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Episode 45 – Fyaaaaaaa!

Yeah the Fyreslayer book came out a few weeks ago, and yeah, we’re late, but what are you expecting: a relevant AND timely show? Josh and Zack talk about how much they love these little berserkers, what they like out of the book, and a bunch of other stuff about dorfs. […]

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