Episode 60 – Charity Tournament Monster Smash

On 9/16/23, dozens of Warhammer nerds emerged from their cave and hovels in support of one of the most loved and respected members of our community, Eric Urbas. A man of dignified class himself, Eric prefers the biggest, most smashing-it monsters, and the teams brought them out in spades! Zack and Josh talk about their tournament experience, the very silly lists everyone brought, and the new Ironjawz supplement, all in one delicious episode. [...]

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Episode 59 – Harbringing the Dawn

The dawn is here, and these two dummies are harbringing it! Josh and Zack are all about the new lore-ish narrative-kinda book, Dawnbringers Book One:Harbingers. Or is it Harbingers: Dawnbringers: The Bringining? Who knows, but it has some rules, some story, and the sneakiest warscroll pouch we’ve ever seen. […]

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Episode 58 – The Generals Handbook 23-24 Episode

Ok so yeah, they do spend a little bit talking about those awesome new Cities of Sigmar models. But the meat of this meaty episode is GHB meat! Join Josh and Zack as they dive into a big pile of rules, maps, and then show each other their Wizard’s Tower. This General’s Handbook episode is turgid! […]

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Episode 57 – Previews and Tournament Recap

Josh and Zack played an Age of Sigmar tournament, and one of them actually finished top 10! Yes, there were more than 11 people at the tournament. Listen to these two goofs talk about their experience at a local GAW tournament, plus, they look at preview pictures together and talk about them! Podcast content! […]

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Episode 56 – Stupid Sexy Slaanesh

Our longest surviving sponsor, Justin from Llama Juice Painting, is here to talk about the turgid, writhing, moisturizing new Slaanesh book! What will these purveyors of pervasions do in the Mortal Realms? We’re going to solidly earn that little ‘E’ on iTunes with this one. […]

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Episode 55 – KO are OK

Everyone’s favorite faction of dwarves in space suits has a new book! No, not that one, the other one, the Kharadron Overlords! We may be a few weeks behind on this but hey…at least we know this battletome wont be totally invalid in two months! […]

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Episode 54 – Gitz and Giggles

From the dankest corners of the Mortal Realms come Zack and Josh, here to talk about the new(ish) Gloomspite Gitz battletome! From stabbas to spiders, they’ll cover it all, try to predict what is going to be the big winners, and maybe even throw in a crude joke about bouncing squigs…if you’re lucky! […]

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Episode 53 – You Down With GHB?

Thats right, the new General’s Handbook is here! For at least a few months anyway. Josh and Zack read through the book, talk about the new changes it brings to the game, and designing a season that nearly entirely excludes a supported faction. Shelve those Garments and paint up some 6 would heroes, it’s Champion time again in Age of Sigmar! […]

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