S01E08 – Entirely Stimulated

In this inexplicable episode, the gang talks about all the Lumineth Realm-Lords and Sons of Behemat news we’ve missed! Then, after the break, they challenge themselves to build as many lists as possible from $1,200. Spoiler alert: the max score was 3. […]

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S01E07 – The Dinosaur Episode (We’re All Trapped at Home)

In this exciting episode, the gang figure out how to record a podcast remotely, with varying results. Once we finish talking about Final Fantasy and vacuum cleaners, it’s time for some Seraphon! […]

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S01E06 – I Borked the Whole Thing (Chaos Faction Review)

This episode, we’re talking Chaos! Each Chaotic Faction, poorly broken down and misinterpreted, all for you! There’s a bonus audio treat at the very end if you make it that far. […]

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S01E05 – Pure Face Punch (Destruction Faction Review)

We actually played a tournament! Plus, we talk about the Grand Alliance of Destruction, and Josh throws up in his mouth. Award winning entertainment! […]

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