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Support Local Artists!

This is a great time to support local businesses, especially as many of them are hit hard by this pandemic. We happen to know a few really amazing local artists, so please check them out! Llama Juice Painting - Looking to get your minis ready for their post-quarantine battles? You can't go wrong with a professional paint job by Justin, and at awesomely reasonable prices! FrankenGeek Designs - Cool collectables from your favorite fandom! Decals, buttons, magnets, and [...]

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S01E06 – I Borked the Whole Thing (Chaos Faction Review)

This episode, we’re talking Chaos! Each Chaotic Faction, poorly broken down and misinterpreted, all for you! There’s a bonus audio treat at the very end if you make it that far. […]

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List of the Week – Dragoncast

Dinosaurs are cool and all, but you know what else is cool? Dragons. […]

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S01E05 – Pure Face Punch (Destruction Faction Review)

We actually played a tournament! Plus, we talk about the Grand Alliance of Destruction, and Josh throws up in his mouth. Award winning entertainment! […]

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List of the Week – Plaguefather’s Love

For this very special Valentine’s Day edition of the List of the Week, we’re snuggling up with the Maggotkin of Nurgle! Let’s spread Papa Nurgle’s love across the Mortal Realms in true goopy fashion. […]

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S01E04 – Shooting Phase: The Army

Do you like fantasy, but wish it had more rocket launchers, spaceships, and paperwork? It’s time for our Kharadron Overlords battletome review! […]

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List of the Week – Knights of Ruin

We’re taking a look at a fast, punchy way to play Slaves to Darkness at the Vanguard (1k) level. […]

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