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Episode 32 – Giga-Con List Party

It’s time for an Age of Sigmar team tournament! And this time, the ATLWAR crew is vaxed, waxed, and ready to get day drunk while forgetting all their rules. This episode they talk about all the lists for the tournament, which team has the most unique or coolest theme, and exactly which bottom table they’ll end up crawling under. […]

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S02E30 – Krag Nos Best

Kragnos has smashed his way into the Mortal Realms, and the gang is here to talk about his impact. Will the ending of the Broken Realms series live up to its destructive avatar? Surely they won’t let this one end in a Looney Tunes maneuver.  Surely. […]

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S02E29 – Stoplight Ravelords

This episode, the team dives into the history and accomplishments of Soul B Light and the Gravelords, the legendary blues ensemble of the 1940s. Join the gang as they discuss the group’s greatest songs and albums, from the groundbreaking “Gravesites: We Don’t Need A Hero”, to the seminal classic “Zombies B Quick (Six Inch Pile In)”. Also something about vampires. […]

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S02E28 – 3.0 Rumor Roundup

Two episodes in one week? With the announcement of AoS 3.0 and all the new rumors, we had to get back into the studio and wrangle up some predictions. We’re talking Stormcast, New Swamp Foes, Kragnos, and the most-repeated rumors of 3.0! […]

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S02E26 – Luminough Already!

The gang is joined by McKenzie, our local Luminexpert, to talk about the lightest of Aelves! Now that both battle tomes (and Broken Realms:Teclis) are out, we’re discussing how to get started with the army, which new units to watch out for, and what exactly, if anything, the fox says. […]

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S02E25 – Broken Aelves: Teclis

Zack and Josh are here to talk about the new Broken Realms: Teclis. They give a ton of warnings before the spoilers kick in! Then they go over the storyline, big changes, some rules updates, and what Ossiarch marriage proposals probably look like. […]

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Broken Realms: The Bloodsurf Hunt

Broken Realms: The Bloodsurf Hunt Morathi is a dick, but she does have a real neat book. And it came with a bunch of updates to our favorite fish people – the Idoneth Deepkin. So, let’s build a list with a fun new battalion and two of a particular model that got a MASSIVE warscroll update. The Battalion: Bloodsurf Hunt The Heroes Akhelian King (Nemmetar) – Couple of good things and one bad thing. He’ll provide [...]

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