Episode 40 – Tops and Bottoms!

The gang is here with special guest McKenzie to talk about what they loved in the Age of Sigmar this year, what we didnt love, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  Then its time to talk about the hottest new Warhammer club in the south, GAW! Also, FORTY episodes? How do we turn this thing off? […]

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Episode 37 – Morruck Warclans

We’re in our new studio! Which of course means a weird mic issue, but don’t worry, it goes away after the first minute. Then it’s onto the Orruk Warclans book review! The gang dives into warscrolls and abilities with their signature inability to hold it together. […]

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Episode 36 – Podcast Eternals

Zack talks about Stormcast! Josh and David are forced to sit through a bunch of fluff about the coolest thunder-golems around, and then a lightning (heh) round of unit reviews! If this is your first episode of the show…we’re sorry. PS – This was recorded before the errata that dropped today, so please forgive any outdated info! […]

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Episode 35 – The Monster Nash(con)

The gang went to Nashcon! Well ok, so maybe they didn’t, but their guest did! Thrill to the excitement of a tournament that may or may not have involved fighting a 10 year old with Orruks. This episode was recorded right before the new Orruk Warclans book was released, so it’s a good thing all the comments and hopes aren’t now entirely outdated, right? Right? 🤷‍♂️ […]

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Episode 32 – Giga-Con List Party

It’s time for an Age of Sigmar team tournament! And this time, the ATLWAR crew is vaxed, waxed, and ready to get day drunk while forgetting all their rules. This episode they talk about all the lists for the tournament, which team has the most unique or coolest theme, and exactly which bottom table they’ll end up crawling under. […]

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