Shadow War is a narrative league that tells the story of the ongoing conflict in Ulgu, inspired by the recent Broken Realms: Morathi supplement. Players compete over six weeks in a variety of custom battle plans.

1st Place: Menton with $30 Giga Store Credit

2nd Place: Tyler with $10 Giga Store Credit

Random Raffle: Leland with $10 Giga Store Credit

Thank you to everyone who participated!

1. Pay Your Dues

Players will need to purchase entry into the league through Giga Bites Cafe, either in person or at the link below.

Purchase Entry

2. Sign Up Online

Players need to complete the online form below. This is very important as otherwise you cannot record your games!

Sign Up Form

3. Record Results

After each game, one player will need to record the results of the battle with the form below. Please only submit one form per game.

Recording Form


IMPORTANT: When posting to Facebook, please use the North Georgia Age of Sigmar Facebook group, and attach the following hashtags to your post. Otherwise they will not be counted!

#gigabitescafe #atlantawarhammer #shadowwar 

Menton M. 26 Points
Tyler B. 21 Points
Cody H. 11 Points
Jose B. 10 Points
Leland B. 9 Points
David H. 5 Points
Zack B. 3 Points

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