The what now?

The first ever Giga-Bites Theorycraft Championship is here! 16 lists submitted by YOU will compete for the top soon in a tournament of the most hype, the most votes, and the most predictions!

Each round, two lists will be put to the test, and the voters will decide which one takes the major victory! Fabulous prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner-up, so get building!

Lists are due by October 9th, 11:59 PM!

List Restrictions

 – No Named Heroes – Leave your Nagash and Kroak at home for this one, it’s all about the unsung champions!

 – Maximum of Two Duplicates – That means that no more than two units can share a warscroll name, regardless of the size of those units. Get creative!

Fabulous Prizes!

First Place – $15 Gigabucks

Second Place – $10 Gigabucks

Most Unique List – $5 Gigabucks

Random Raffle – $5 Gigabucks

How do I enter?

Sign up for an Atlanta Warhammer profile!

Create a Matched Play legal list (using GHB 2020 standards) with the Warscroll Builder. Be sure to include your name and a team name!

Submit Your List Here!